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The municipal court judge shall, in writing, appoint judges pro tempore who shall act in the absence or disability of the regular judge of the municipal court, subsequent to the filing of an affidavit of prejudice, or when the administration of justice and accomplishment of the work of the court make it necessary. The judge pro tem shall be qualified to hold the position of judge of the municipal court as provided herein, except that a judge pro tem need not be a resident of Snohomish County. The term of the appointment shall be specified in writing, but in any event shall not extend beyond the term of the municipal court judge. Judges pro tem shall have all the powers of the duly appointed judge when serving as judges pro tem of the court. Before entering on their duties, each judge pro tem shall take, subscribe, and file an oath as is taken by the duly appointed judge. (Ord. 3439 § 4, 2023; Ord. 1692 § 1, 1989)